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In these present times, cheques are mainly used in each and every transaction, be the guarantee of any loan recovery, tenders, payment of salary to employees, Landlord tenant agreements, payments of bills, or any trade business, cheques have turned out to be one of the significant parts of our daily lives.

An overview

One of the most common offences in recent times’ financial world is mainly the bouncing of the cheques. According to the Supreme Court of India, there are almost to 40 lakhs of cheque bounce cases pending in the court. Lack of assets in this account is one of the chief reasons for dishonour of cheques. But once you deal with Shivalik Law firm, you will be able to get the best 138 Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Delhi. 

What if a cheque is dishonoured?

If a cheque is mainly dishonoured then the drawee bank issues the specific ‘cheque return memo’ to the payee mentioning some of the major reason for returns. A cheque is also stated to be bounced or even dishonoured when this has been returned by the drawer’s bank unpaid, containing but not limited to inadequate funds in the account, mismatch of signatures. But you always tend to get confused what to do if a cheque is dishonoured and that is when Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Saket comes into the picture. We at Shivalik Law Firm, help people to get rid out of these cases.

Points for Prosecution

•    Lawfully, certain conditions have to be content in order to use the provisions of Section 138. 
•    The cheque must have been drawn by a drawer on an account, which is maintained by him or her.

Our insights

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