What is the importance of marriage lawyer?

Marriage serves an important relationship between two people and this is the reason society put so much stress on it. Marriage is a commitment that lasts for a life time between two people. Though the marriage involves a mutual romantic interest between a man and a woman, the legal registration of marriage provides special rights to both the partners. The Indian law is meant for protecting the people of the nation by restoring their rights in the society. The marriage law protects the partners from exploitation and this is the reason people opt for registering the marriage.

Importance of a marriage lawyer 

One cannot register their marriage without hiring a marriage lawyer. Shivalik Law firm has experienced marriage lawyers. Our lawyers are skilled and prompt regarding marriage law; they explain every nooks and crannies regarding rights you are goings to enjoy after marriage. We arrange Court marriage registration in Tis Hazari as it is very common. People now understand the importance of legal registration of marriage and this is the reason they try to opt for court marriage before social function. The court marriage validates the relationship between two people and strengthens the bond. 

Our lawyers also arrange Court marriage registration in Saket and they guide the bride and groom about what documents they need. We provide lawyers who make sure that both parties have age proof that reflects the bride’s age at least 18 years old, and the groom’s age at least 21 years old. Our skilled lawyers ask the couple to bring their identification proof of nationality along with 2 passport size picture. The marriage registration will not happen without two witnesses from each side. Now coming to the fees, we do not charge unbearable fees from our clients. Therefore, we are not only trustworthy but also affordable.